Hello and welcome to my personal website! I’m Hoël. I was born in Paris, France and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Half of my family is from Bretagne, the other from Nebraska, making for a wonderfully unique upbringing. After graduate school, I moved to Upstate New York and currently live in the beautiful city of Troy.

By day, I am a market operations analyst working on wholesale electricity auctions and energy data analytics. My focus is on spreading knowledge of market rules and drivers to improve stakeholder awareness and increase economic efficiency. I am fascinated by trying to optimize constrained markets, which is why I gravitated towards the electiricty industry. Moving electrons from massive rural generators to load constrained urban centers is crucial to our industrialized nations. The ongoing transition to a decentralized, cleaner grid, coupled with market shifts from manufacturing to an internet based economy, pose significant challenges to the hundred year old electric grid. It’s a fascinating time to be working in the industry.

I am skilled in VBA, SQL, Microsoft Excel, ArcGIS, and have some knowledge of Python, MATLAB, and R. I also work with various business support platforms including Salesforce, JIRA, and Balsamiq. I am not a software engineer, but I enjoy tinkering on small coding project, both for personal and professional use. I am comfortable talking with software development teams and navigating the business workflow process, from initial brainstorm to ultimate QA testing.

On the personal front, I am a huge cyclist. I love the freedom of riding my bike down remote roads and up mighty mountains. I’ve toured the US, living on my bike for 10 weeks. I’m an avid bike commuter. And I race my bike at a high Category 2 amateur level, competing in collegiate nationals and participating in some of the biggest races on the East Coast. I also love building, tuning, and servicing bicyles. To fuel for my many miles of riding, I’ve also learned and enjoy to cook and bake, everything from stews and curries, to bread, crêpes, and macarons. Over the years, I have dabbled in cross-country skiing, fencing, leatherworking, painting, swing dancing, the harmonica, origami, board gaming, and many other interesting hobbies, each with their own dedicated, wonderful communities.

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If you’re wondering, my name is pronounced [oʊ wɛl] - or “oh-well” - two syllables, with a silent H.

I’m named after the Celtic mythological King Hoël, who’s name my French mom fell in love with while reading the legend of Tristan and Iseult shortly before my birth.

As of 2019, I believe I am still the only Hoël in the United States, and definitely the only Hoël Wiesner in the world.

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